AKILIMO Privacy Policy

The AKILIMO app is an android mobile application developed by the Africa Cassava Agronomy initiative (ACAI) project in IITA. ACAI is a project aiming at delivering agronomic technologies to small scale and commercial cassava growers addressing several agronomic knowledge gaps to increase cassava productivity and quality within the cassava belt in Nigeria and the Lake, Eastern and Southern zones in Tanzania. Site-specific agronomic solutions are developed taking into account field soil fertility status plus climate and farmer’s socio-economic reality in terms of access to agricultural inputs, machineries and both input and output market price dynamics. Based on targeted and scientifically allocated agronomic field trials observations, the best agronomic interventions were identified and used as basis to develop advice to increase yield and quality of cassava root production. Through applying the state-of-the-art data analytics using crop models, machine-learning techniques and statistical analysis and incorporating limited but smartly selected farmers’ input and several spatial data providing information on soil and on rainfall and other weather variables, site-specific recommendations are developed for several use cases.

The AKILIMO app is currently delivering tailored agronomic advices on fertilizer recommendation, scheduled planting and harvest, best planting practices and cassava-maize (for Nigeria) and cassava-sweet potato (Tanzania) intercropping.

The data collected in the AKILIMO app is hosted on the DigitalOcean cloud server known to have up-to-date safety protections and SSL certification for data security, encryption and prevention of any malware attack.

In order to access the AKILIMO app, users do not need to register as it is downloadable from google Playstore for free. To use the AKILIMO however, farmers will be asked to provide personal information such as name, telephone number and email, which will be used to provide the recommendations via SMS and/or email to users. When the farmer does not have email address, the recommendation report can be sent to the extension agent who can share it with him/her. Other information to be provided, such as farm location and farm size are to be used to customize the recommendations to users’ reality. Additionally, information on gender is used for research purposes for continued improvement of the tool to deliver gender tuned research advice. All these details are automatically uploaded on the secured AKILIMO server in the cloud. Personal information, including contact details and farm information can be used only for research purposes. It is therefore mandatory for the user to accept the AKILIMO Terms of Use Agreement, Disclaimer, Privacy, and Copy Right, to use the app as by informed consent about the requirement on shared personal details and that the user is aware of the data management, privacy, uses and copyright.

The user is expected to select “accept agreement” which sets the rules to which users must agree in order to use the AKILIMO app on Android phone.