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AKILIMO fertilizer recommendations tools are now available!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We've posted our printable versions of the AKILIMO fertilizer recommendation guides. These tools will guide you through 6 easy steps to obtain the best advice for your cassava fields.

These steps are:

1. Apply good agronomic practices before considering to invest in fertilizer.

2. Choose the right fertilizer types that are best suited for cassava.

3. Obtain the recommended application rates for the soils and weather in your area.

4. Perform a cost benefit analysis to evaluate if fertilizer use is profitable.

5. Make sure you will apply the fertilizer at the right time.

6. Apply fertilizer in the right way.

We have versions of the tool available for Nigeria and Tanzania, and each time a version with area units in either 'acre' or 'hectare', depending on your preference.

For step 3, we will soon post maps and tables to look up the recommendations based on your planting month and local government area (Nigeria) or district (Tanzania).

More coming soon!

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