• Tolani

ACAI in New Partnership with Kolping Society of Nigeria

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Kolping Society of Nigeria is the new addition to the ACAI project list of partners that will be instrumental in scaling the use of the AKILIMO decision support tools. Kolping Society of Nigeria is a faith-based organization that promotes social action for human development. The organization will integrate AKILIMO tools content as part of their training materials for farmers growing cassava within their membership location.

Kolping Society of Nigeria formally joined ACAI in April of 2020 after a series of comprehensive partnerships talks from late 2019. The organization had previously worked with the now-defunct cassava weed management project by IITA.

AKILIMO decision support tools have developed by the ACAI project to provide site-specific advice to cassava farmers to improve the production and productivity of the root crops. Kolping Society will be disseminating the six steps to cassava weed management and best planting practices, site-specific fertilizer recommendation, and cassava intercropped with maize.

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