Our Team


Alfred Dixon

He is most respected for his unmatched experience and achievements in cassava research, and famous all around as Dr Cassava.


Bernard Vanlauwe

He is very particular about how things should be done. Getting things done is the only way to please him... and a Belgian beer of course!


Pieter Pypers

He is practical, data and facts are the way to his mind, rejects all titles except Agronomist, possibly a Viking but we shall never know.


Meklit Chernet

She is our cheerful data wizard that knows all about optimization algorithms, statistics and geospatial modelling. Her passion for AKILIMO is a close match to that for her country - and that means something.


Thompson Ogunsanmi

He is an outstanding value chain specialist that facilitates scaling of the ACAI decision support tools. He is a perceptive listener and a great convincer - skills he puts to every day use as he builds partnerships for AKILIMO.


Theresa Ampadu-Boakye

She is our monitoring & evaluation specialist with a natural gift for bringing people together. She makes every effort to make the ACAI team move forward. She has a super-sharp mind and extracts learning from every interaction.


Stefan Hauser

He is a natural born teacher and never to shy to speak his mind. He knows all about soils and has known it for the past 30 years.


Mwantumu Omari

She is an energetic, savvy and great mobilizer, always pragmatic and a great team player and a pleasure to work with.

jonathan (1).png

Jonathan Odhong

He is a natural leader, great communicator and a reliable knowledge exchange expert. He enjoys sports, a good laugh and whiskey.


Johan Six

He is innovative, highly productive and amongst the best soil scientists around with a heart for Congo. He adds fun and hiking to everything he does.


Guillaume Ezui

He is the ACAI double agent and the guru of growth modelling, site-specific nutrient management and plant nutrition.


Linda Barasa

She is organized with an enviable work ethic, helping you out of trouble before you know you're in it, and a physical fitness enthusiast.


Godwin Atser

He is the expert on spreading the news by social media, with an outreach to millions of farmers.


Friday Ekeleme

He is the capable hands and the mind behind solutions in cassava weed management.


Christine Kreye

She oozes efficiency and order, with a knack for getting things done, and always putting in the extra effort for the team.


Annah Oruta

She saves us from chaos on a daily basis, knows all about budgets and contracts, and always goes the extra mile for successful team work.


Ezinne Ibe

She is always happy to assist and support causes she believes in; all her energy goes to creativity and organization.


Freddy Baijukya

He is unassuming and succinct, he speaks last and no detail escapes his attention.


Saburi Adekunbi

He is always ready with the next innovating new idea to make things easier to record and analyse project information.


David Ngome

A perfectionist, in charge of crafting the AKILIMO image and perception in the public.

abubakari (1).png

Abubakari Mzanda

He is a driven, true gentleman juggling field research coordination and organizing farmer and extension agent activities


Ally Ng'adoa

He is our youngest researcher in weed science, sharp, ambitious, and very meticulous.